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If you use JIRA to manage invoice flow, you can use this workflow as a starting point.


Additional Notes

Post functions carry out additional processing after a transition is executed.

We advise that the following post functions are added to the workflow:

Start Status

End Status


Post Function

ClosedBacklogRe-open invoiceUpdate Issue Field: Resolution = cleared
AllResolvedCancel invoiceUpdate Issue Field: Resolution = Cancelled; Remaining estimate = 0
Payment PendingClosedInvoice paidUpdate Issue Field: Resolution = Paid; Remaining estimate = 0
ClosedPayment PendingPayment pendingUpdate Issue Field: Resolution = cleared


The following resolutions need to be setup:

  • Cancelled
  • Paid

An additional resolution could be added to capture invoices that have been written off.

At New Verve Consulting, we use a custom issue type 'Invoice' with various custom fields to capture invoicing data:

  • Client
  • Invoice Ref
  • Invoice Date
  • Payment Terms
  • PO Ref
  • Contact
  • EC Status
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