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A simple workflow such as this one can easily track your opportunities and leads from fruition to conversion.


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Post Functions

Post functions carry out additional processing after a transition is executed.


Start Status

End Status


Post Function

AllClosedClosedUpdate Issue Field: Resolution = Done; Remaining Estimate = 0
AllBacklogBacklogUpdate Issue Field: Resolution = cleared

In addition to the above, we use Adaptavist's ScriptRunner to automate some other post-functions:

Start Status

End Status


Post Function

In Tender / Follow-upFollow-upChase leadIncrement the value of a numeric custom field (number of follow-ups) to track for reporting purposes

Transition Screens

Transition screens are handy for capturing information as part of a transition. We recommend the following:

TransitionScreenFields to addAdditional notes

Screen to capture the issue Resolution:

  • Won
  • Lost
  • Declined

To restrict which resolutions are available, add a comma-separated list of resolution IDs to the Closed transition. E.g.

Code Block
jira.field.resolution.include = 10100,10500,10501,10400

We've also added a new transition screen to capture the last follow-up date as part of the Follow-up transition.

Additional Notes



We have just used the Depending on your reporting requirements, you could use different 'Done' statuses.

We capture resolution . However, you could just as easily use resolution to distinguish Lost and Won, depending on your reporting requirements(i.e. the reason why it's closed) as part of the Close transition - Won, Lost, or Declined.

Issue Types

We advise that you setup a custom issue type to suit this workflow - e.g. 'Sales Lead'.

Custom Fields

At New Verve Consulting, we use various custom fields to capture lead data:

  • ClientServices
  • Contact nameContact
  • Email
  • Category
  • Services
  • Lead source
  • Start date
  • End date